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Are Home Food Businesses Regulated?

A certain degree of regulations governs home food businesses. The type of regulation depends on the individual state Cottage Food Law. Each state is different. Oversight depends on the State Department of Agriculture or State/County Health Departments. Home food businesses are happy to answer a consumer’s questions. They are trying to make a living, no different from a local diner, bakery or food truck.

Home food businesses are not allowed to make whatever foods they want. Foods produced in a home kitchen include baked goods, dried spices, jams, and jellies, etc. A home food business owner is familiar with the approved list of foods products. The consumer should not worry. It is the goal of a home food business to prepare safe foods approved by their cottage food law.

As a consumer, if you have questions about home food businesses, talk to the business owner. Owners willingly share knowledge about all state rules and regulations. Their goal is to make sure you are confident in their ability to produce a safe food product. There are states that require a home food business to identify they’re home processors status on their food labels. Remember, a home food business is a small business owner. They are supporting their family, paying taxes and making a positive contribution to the community. Their goal is to safely produce the foods you and your family have come to love. Buy local and support local food businesses.