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Epiphany Caramelized Balsamic Vinegar- Versatility describes Epiphany Caramelized Balsamic Vinegar in a word. It enhances the flavor of all produce, raw or cooked, fruit or vegetable… All dairy, cheese, ice cream, yogurt… All fish, especially salmon… Most meat, actually all with the addition of the right spices.

Epiphany Herb Infused Grape Seed Oils- With Garlic or Rosemary- One step ease of rosemary or garlic seasoning and all the attributes of grape seed oil. A smoke point of 420 degrees, zero trans fat, non hydrogenated, polyunsaturated, high in omega 6 especially linoleic acids, high in vitamin E

We, at Epiphany Pantry are in business to produces smiles. We seek to discover, make and provide delicious flavor enhancers that are:
A Life Experience, a first taste never forgotten and conversation creating. Culinary Epiphany.
Unique and intriguing. Generally not found elsewhere in the marketplace. They stand out with colorful, cheerful and fun packaging.
Simple to use and understand. Just add them to dishes. No cooking skills needed. No unrecognizable ingredients.
Affordable to the consumer, while profitable to ourselves and retailers. Fun and fair for all.

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